How much does it cost to get an initial estimate quote?

Free, JML does not charge to come out and do an initial price consultation.

How will I know when trades and work is expected to happen on site?

You will be given a full schedule or works prior to commencement, you will also have your dedicated supervisor who will constantly be in communication regarding schedule.

What if I need to speak to my supervisor on the weekend?

Our supervisors are contactable 7 days a week! Ensuring they can answer your questions every day of the week.

How long until you can come out and see my plans and ideas?

JML work to come out to visit the job within a week of your initial contact.

What is the initial consultation process?

JML will meet with you in person to discuss your needs, and offer advice based on our extensive knowledge in the Adelaide construction industry. At this stage, we ask enough questions to provide you with an estimated total cost – and keep in mind, this is a no obligation consultation.

How do you calculate the initial estimate?

Our initial cost estimate will be centred around site condition and client requirements. We work to understand exactly what you need from your space to provide you with a realistic valuation.   JML understand the importance of cost transparency, and we guarantee to keep you up to date with any implications that may affect budget.

How does the planning process begin?

Each client will meet with our architect to have a comprehensive plan drawn out, taking into account your budget, needs, and schedule.

How do I submit plans to council?

Once you are completely satisfied with the constructed concept plans, JML will take care of the rest by including them in a planning package that is fit for council submission.

What is the ‘customer selection’ stage?

While we are awaiting council approval, you will complete a selection process to handpick your desired finishing aspects. This allows us to give you with any advice based on your needs and budget, and provide you with an upfront fixed price.

Are there any hidden costs I can expect during the build?

JML Developments do all the homework upfront to ensure you receive a fixed price before anything is signed.

Will I get to design my home extension with a professional?

JML use a highly experienced and reputable architect who will come out and visit you, listen to your plans and ideas and put them into a design.

How long is the planning period?

JML allow 3 months for both planning and developments approval.

How long will my job take to build?

Of course, each job is individual in how long it will take. JML plan on getting you into your new dream home between 5-12 months. The consultant will give you a much more accurate estimate on first visit.

What is the need for preliminary engineering?

This stage reflects our concern for due diligence, allowing us to gain a better understanding of the land we are working with. Performing an inspection prior to commencing construction allows us to identify anything that may compromise the total cost or build schedule.

Can I see how my renovation/extension/build will look before JML commences construction?

As we get closer to gaining approval, JML will develop a complete set of construction drawings for you to review, amend, and approve. This stage is key to producing a final fixed cost contract, while giving you a chance to see how your dream space will look come completion.

Do I have to take care of any documentation?

JML will take care of the entire documentation process; however, we may require some information from you to ensure what we are lodging it 100% accurate. Final engineering and construction documents are finalised and sent to a private certifier for final approval. A final fixed price is then devised based on all required information being completed.

When do you commence work?

Once all documentation is approved, a start date is scheduled for JML to begin work on your project. We will construct a space that is true to the design approved by you, and we guarantee to work in a timely manner while sticking to your strict budget.

Still have questions?